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Public is an Amsterdam based, independent content production agency for film and video. A creative and experienced partner for talent, brands and agencies. We develop and produce original and creative human centric content, in a clear format. Together with our partners Moondocs and Wirtzfilm we belong to the leading crossover content production agencies of The Netherlands.

PARTNERS – Our multiple award winning partners in co-development, -creation and -production; Moondocs for documentaries with a strong cultural and social relevance and Wirtzfilm for corporate and governmental content. For many years we have initiated, created, produced and distributed authentic content. Together we have built an international network of passionate collaborators: creatives, strategists, directors, writers, influencers, producers, designers, artists and journalists. We will assemble the perfect team to help tell your story with maximum impact. Because only that which moves an audience, stays with it and an inspired audience is what drives your brand onward. That is our promise to you: Human stories, thriving brands.

Office Public Agency BV
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 144
1096 AR  Amsterdam  The Netherlands
Joost Meijer +31 6 53 14 57 34


Postal address
Otto’slaan 15
1217 SL  Hilversum  The Netherlands