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Public represents experienced directors, rooted in cinema. Always committed to do everything and anything to make the narrative super clear and highly effective. Always curious. Always human centric. 

The success of his work for G-Star and Asics showing smart and eye-catching work, adds to his steady growing reputation as an exciting and acclaimed director with thankful roots in production. Film lover and sneakernerd.

The style of our award winning director can best be characterized by fresh, dry wit and light with a sharp eye on everyday life. Her portfolio represents a strong and relevant collection of Feature films and TV series.

With a strong eye for framing and good-humoured, sincere work Anna directs for multiple brands and channels such as, TomTom, Ziggo, Linda TV, KLM, Tweakers etc. Her smart and eye-catching work adds to her  reputation as an upcoming fresh director with strong and helpful roots as a First AD.

Joost his style is real, raw and documentary driven. He has mastered the blend between commercial and corporate content with a human touch. His background in the advertising industry is making sure that message en narrative comes first.